High Cost

High Cost Model CLLI Search

The tool below enables competitive ETCs (CETCs) and competitive companies seeking ETC designation to report line counts accurately for Forward-Looking High Cost Model (HCM) Support. The tool allows companies to use various search methods to locate the correct ILEC wire center CLLI and other related information. Companies can determine wire center CLLI codes by state and study area. CLLI codes may also be determined by searching by the wire center name. Multiple criteria may be used to narrow a search more effectively under the "Advanced Search" option.

CETCs should use this tool to identify the proper non-rural company within the state where it serves lines, find the correct wire center CLLI, and assign the appropriate line counts. Any required data can be viewed in HTML or EXCEL and copied and/or cut and pasted into a worksheet for ease of use. Used in conjunction with the High Cost Model sample line count letter located in the Forms section, CETCs and competitive companies seeking ETC designation will be able to provide USAC with more accurate data in an electronic format. The more accurate filings will enable USAC to process line counts, project payments, and disburse payments in a more efficient manner.

If you have any questions concerning the HCM tool or how to file line counts for HCM support, please contact High Cost at (202) 776-0200.