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IAS Maps

Price cap carriers eligible to receive interstate access support (IAS) are required to submit to USAC information sufficient to determine the boundaries of each UNE zone within each study area where such zones have been established. Below are links to the maps that have been submitted on a state-by-state and carrier-by-carrier basis. Simply choose a state from the map that appears below.

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Viewing tips
  • Please note that not all states will have maps associated with them. If you select a state and it does not have a link, either the state has not established UNE zones or the price cap carrier or carriers serving in that state have not submitted maps.
  • If you select a state and are given the option to "select a provider," there are multiple price cap carriers in that state and you may view maps submitted by those carriers.

Zones for Interstate Access Support

Please locate your state on the map, or select a state or territory from the list: 
Map of US States Washington Idaho Montana Maine Minnesota North Dakota Oregon Michigan Michigan New Hampshire Vermont Wisconsin New York Michigan South Dakota Michigan Wyoming Massachusetts California Rhode Island Connecticut Nevada Iowa Pennsylvania Utah New York Nebraska New Jersey Illinois Ohio Indiana Colorado Maryland Delaware West Virginia Maryland Missouri Virginia Kansas Virginia Kentucky Arizona North Carolina New Mexico Tennessee Oklahoma Texas Arkansas South Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Alaska Florida Alaska Hawaii Florida Hawaii Alaska Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Alaska Alaska Alaska Hawaii Alaska Alaska Washington DC