Lifeline National Verifier

Access and Interaction with the National Verifier

Access to the National Verifier is available through the following methods:

  • Consumer Portal: Consumers can confirm their eligibility independently using the NV Consumer Portal (available upon the "hard launch" in March).
  • Service Provider Portal: Service providers can support consumers to confirm their eligibility using the NV Service Provider Portal (available upon the "soft launch" in December). Service provider employees can access it using their existing unique NLAD credentials, or create new NV-only accounts.
  • API: There is no API interaction available with the National Verifier. Service providers can continue using the NLAD API, which will have new data fields from the National Verifier that show whether the consumer has been deemed eligible.
  • Lifeline Support Center: The National Verifier includes the Lifeline Support Center, a call center that will provide support to both consumers and service providers. The customer service phone number will be available by the "soft launch" in December.
  • Paper Forms: Consumers can submit a paper application form (with a copy of their eligibility documentation and one-per-household worksheet) via mail with or without the support of a service provider.
  • Apply by Phone: Service providers cannot accept eligibility applications via telephone. If consumers need to apply via telephone due to special circumstances, service providers can connect the consumer to the Lifeline Support Center via a three way call, which will accept the eligibility application using an interview-style approach.

Also on this page are common process flows for service providers and how to create new user accounts for both the National Verifier and NLAD.

Consumer Portal

In states where the National Verifier has launched (after the "hard launch"), consumers can submit their Lifeline eligibility application electronically in two ways: directly through the National Verifier Consumer Portal (NV Consumer Portal), or with a service provider's support through the National Verifier Service Provider Portal (NV Service Provider Portal).

Consumers also have the option to submit a paper application directly to the Lifeline Support Center if they choose not to use the online method.

In either the NV Consumer or Service Provider portal, the application process will require consumers to provide their personally identifiable information (PII):

  • full name,
  • address,
  • last four digits of the social security number or tribal ID
  • birthdate, and
  • qualifying program or income information.
Consumer Eligibility and Identity Verification Process

Once the consumer has indicated consent to use their PII for the purpose of confirming their eligibility for Lifeline, the National Verifier will check available electronic data sources to determine if the consumer is participating in a qualifying eligibility program.

If eligibility cannot be determined electronically, or the consumer fails the Third Party Identity Verification (TPIV) or the USPS address (AMS) check, the consumer can submit their eligibility and/or supporting documents to the Lifeline Support Center by uploading the document(s) to the portal, or mailing in the supporting documents for approval. In most cases, the Lifeline Support Center will review documents and provide a determination in minutes.

One-Per-Household Worksheet and Certifications

In addition, if the customer lives at an address where another adult receives Lifeline and they are an independent economic household, they will need to fill out an electronic household worksheet attesting to this. Once the consumer completes the eligibility process, they will initial their agreement to the Lifeline certifications and electronically sign their application.

Look Up and Enroll the Subscriber in NLAD

When the National Verifier has determined a consumers' eligibility, either electronically or by accepting and confirming eligibility documents via mail, the consumer will receive a notification of their eligibility decision.

Once the consumer completes a successful eligibility application, service providers can verify the eligibility decision using NLAD by entering the consumer's full name, address, last four digits of the social security number and birthdate through either the "verify" or "enroll" functions in NLAD. Service providers can only enroll consumers in NLAD after successful completion of the eligibility verification process through the National Verifier (NV portal or paper application to the Lifeline Support Center).

Eligibility Determinations are Valid for 90 Days

When a consumer is determined eligible for Lifeline by the National Verifier, that eligibility decision is valid for 90 days, allowing the consumer time to compare service providers and Lifeline offerings. Unsuccessful or incomplete consumer eligibility applications will be purged after 30 days, at which point a new application must be initiated.

Service Provider Portal

Service providers can access the National Verifier via an online web-enabled portal (supporting both mobile- and desktop-based web browsers). To use the portal, the service provider sales associate will log in using unique credentials. This log in will allow service provider sales associates to complete multiple consumer applications without creating consumer accounts for each subscriber.

The portal's homepage features a report that includes all active consumer applications associated with that user's credentials. This allows service providers to see the status of pending applications and easily log back into consumer applications that need actions such as document uploads for applications they have initiated but not completed.

Service providers also have the ability to initiate a new eligibility check at any time, but the NV service provider portal will require that the consumer's PII to be re-entered in such instances.


During the National Verifier "soft launch" period, service providers who access NLAD via API will have the option to use the existing NLAD API or the National Verifier integrated API via a toggle feature to the existing API. In the NLAD web portal, a similar toggle feature will be available for enrollments that are not initiated through an API.

Common Process Flows for Service Providers

Service providers can support consumers in completing their eligibility application in the NV Service Provider Portal, then enroll the consumer in NLAD once service has been initiated.

Help Consumer Complete Application with Service Provider Portal

Use an interview-style approach to support the consumer in completing their application using the National Verifier service provider portal:

  1. Enter the consumer's PII into the portal using an interview-style approach
  2. If necessary, help the consumer upload eligibility documents
  3. Consumer reads and initials each Lifeline certification and electronically signs the application
  4. The National Verifier will return the consumer's eligibility decision
  5. If consumer's eligibility was verified, proceed to the enrollment step* in NLAD:
    • Log into NLAD or connect via API
    • Enroll the consumer in NLAD by entering their PII (as currently performed in NLAD)
    • Begin providing phone, internet or bundled service to the consumer

* Please note, NLAD verification calls will now check for National Verifier eligibility decisions in addition to duplicate subscriber, duplicate address, and AMS. If the consumer has not completed a National Verifier eligibility application in the past 90 days, the NLAD verify call response will direct service providers to use the National Verifier portal to verify the consumer's eligibility.

User Accounts and Credentials

Service providers with NLAD credentials can use the same credentials to conduct eligibility checks via the National Verifier Service Provider Portal.

Each National Verifier user must have unique login credentials. Users are not permitted to share accounts.

These credentials will allow sales associates to check the status of applications that they helped consumers submit, and allow them to easily help consumers complete their National Verifier eligibility applications if the consumer has to step away during the process (e.g. to gather additional documentation).

NV-Only Accounts for Sales Associates

A new account category will be created in NLAD called "NV Only " for sales associates who will access the National Verifier portal but do not need NLAD access.

Because of the need to create new accounts for sales agents, USAC has removed the limit on how many NLAD sub-accounts a service provider can create. USAC will also track activity for these accounts in the National Verifier portal.

More information about the creation of NV only subaccounts will be provided once the changes are made to NLAD.

Creating National Verifier Credentials

Service providers can create sales associate credentials for the National Verifier in NLAD, using the same process that they use to create NLAD sub-accounts. Service providers who already have NLAD credentials do not need to do anything — their existing credentials will allow access to the National Verifier portal.

The process for creating National Verifier credentials is:

  1. In NLAD, select the "Create NLAD Subaccount" link in the left hand menu
  2. Enter the user's email address (required)
  3. Click "Search" to locate the user information. If an account is found matching that email address, skip to step 5.
  4. If no matching account was found, blank fields will appear below for you to enter the new user's information:
    • First Name (required)
    • Last Name (required)
    • Phone Number (required); must be exactly ten numeric characters long
  5. Select the desired role for the account from the "NLAD Role" drop-down menu (i.e. NV Only) and click "Submit."
NLAD User Permissions

NLAD's user permissions are NOT changing. Anyone with NLAD access will have National Verifier access. Currently there are 3 user roles in NLAD: ETC Admin, ETC Analyst, and ETC Ops.

"NV Only" is a new role that will be available in NLAD to the ETC Admin. "NV Only" users will not be able to do anything in NLAD; they can only use the National Verifier. The table below summarizes the different entitlements: