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NamePhoneService Type
Assist Wireless 855-392-7747Wireless
Blue Jay Wireless 855-425-8529Wireless
Boomerang Wireless 866-488-8719Wireless
Budget Mobile 888-777-4007Wireless
Cross Valliant Cellular Partnership 918-463-2921Wireless
Dart Phone 888-360-2030Wireless
Easy Wireless 855-574-2036Wireless
Feel Safe Wireless 877-247-7799Wireless
Infiniti Mobile 918-960-0023Wireless
Life Wireless 888-543-3620Wireless
Oklahoma 5  Wireless
Oklahoma Western Telephone Company 918-569-4111Wireless
Pine Cellular Phones 580-584-3330Wireless
Pioneer Cellular 800-641-2732Wireless
Q Link Wireless 855-754-6543Wireless
Sprocket Wireless, LLC 866-500-8488Wireless
TAG Mobile 866-959-4918Wireless
TerraCom 877-351-4747Wireless
The Telephone Company 866-441-3312Wireless
True Wireless 877-818-7464Wireless
U.S. Cellular 800-447-1339Wireless
Yourtel Wireless 855-299-9990Wireless
Air Voice Wireless 888-944-2355Wireless
AT&T 800-288-2020Home Phone
Atlas Telephone Co. 800-722-0533Home Phone
Beggs Telephone Company 918-267-3636Home Phone
Bixby Telephone Company 918-366-8000Home Phone
BTC Broadband 918-366-8000Home Phone
Budget Phone 888-424-5588Home Phone
Canadian Valley Telephone Company 918-334-3700Home Phone
Carnegie Telephone Company 580-654-1002Home Phone
Central Oklahoma Telephone Co 800-252-8854Home Phone
Cherokee Telephone Company 580-434-5375Home Phone
Chickasaw Telephone Company 800-344-3401Home Phone
Cimarron Telephone 918-865-3311Home Phone
COTC Connections 918-987-1414Home Phone
Cox Communications-Oklahoma City 405-600-7676Home Phone
Cross Telephone Company 918-463-2921Home Phone
Dobson Telephone Co 580-497-3344Home Phone
FairPoint Communications 877-524-8293Home Phone
Fidelity Cablevision 800-392-8070Home Phone
Get A Phone 888-871-0321Home Phone
Grand Telephone Company 888-400-5587Home Phone
Head Start Telecom 405-533-3957Home Phone
Hinton Telephone Company 405-542-3262Home Phone
KanOkla Telephone Association Inc. 620-845-5682Home Phone
McLoud Telephone Company 405-964-8600Home Phone
Medicine Park Telephone Company 580-529-2700Home Phone
Oklahoma Telephone and Telegraph 918-656-3233Home Phone
Oklahoma Western Telephone Company 918-569-4111Home Phone
Panhandle Telephone Cooperative 580-338-2556Home Phone
Pine Telephone Company 580-584-2983Home Phone
Pinnacle Communications 918-963-2804Home Phone
Pioneer Telephone 888-782-2667Home Phone
Pottawatomie Telephone 405-997-5201Home Phone
Safe Tel 855-893-7233Home Phone
Sage Telecom 888-449-4940Home Phone
Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Company 800-722-3450Home Phone
Santa Rosa Telephone 888-886-2217Home Phone
Shidler Telephone Company 918-793-2211Home Phone
Southwest Oklahoma Telephone Co. 580-679-3345Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Mid-America Telephone, Inc. 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Oklahoma Communication Systems, Inc. 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Wyandotte Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
TelOps International 866-293-9607Home Phone
TerraCom 877-351-4747Home Phone
Terral Telephone Company 580-437-2311Home Phone
The Telephone Company 866-441-3312Home Phone
Totah Communications 888-580-2208Home Phone
TSI Telephone Company 888-300-3954Home Phone
UTPhone 800-996-0098Home Phone
Valliant Telephone Company 580-933-4400Home Phone
Windstream Communications 800-347-1991Home Phone
YourTel America 855-299-9990Home Phone
Tag Mobile 866-959-4918Broadband
Head Start Telecom 405-533-3957Broadband
Telrite Corporation dba Life Wireless 888-543-3620Broadband
Easy Wireless 855-574-2036Broadband
US Cellular 800-447-1339Broadband

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