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Budget Control Mechanism for Rate of Return Carriers

As required by the FCC Rate of Return Reform Order, USAC is required to calculate total support available for distribution to Rate of Return carriers. In order to remain within the annual rate of return budget, USAC will apply the FCC Budget Control Mechanism methodology to reduce support for carriers subject to HCLS (including SNA and SVS) and or CAF BLS support.

Please note: These numbers are projections and are subject to change.

2016 2nd Half Budget Analysis
  • The budget control mechanism impact will be applied to four months, starting with the September 2016 disbursements.

2017 1st Half Budget Analysis

2017-2018 Budget Analysis

  • This represents annual view for July 2017 through June 2018.

2017 Fourth Quarter Budget Analysis Update for HCLS

2018 First Quarter Budget Analysis Update for HCLS