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Wire Center and UNE Zone Mapping Search

The High Cost Interstate Access Support (IAS) UNE Zone Mapping search tool can be used to determine which UNE Zone lines served in certain wire centers should be reported for IAS purposes. The tool provides for multiple search criteria to locate data. The tool can be searched by company name, state, or ILEC study area. The Program Year Updated column indicates the last time that data for a particular wire center was updated. This data is considered valid until updated. Line items that indicate they were last updated for the 2000-2001 program year are valid for all program years subsequent to that. Should you require mapping for years prior to the program year indicated, please contact High Cost at the number listed below.

If you are searching by Study Area Name, please refer to the FCC Filings and use the most recent Appendix HC01 (High Cost Support Projected by State by Study Area) to find the Study Area's proper name. Any required data can be viewed in HTML or Excel and copied and/or cut and pasted into a worksheet for ease of use. Updates will be posted yearly, prior to the beginning of the new program year.

If you have any questions concerning the High Cost UNE Zone Mapping tool, please contact High Cost at (202) 776-0200.

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Data Last Updated: Thursday, July 23, 2009