My Service Was Turned Off

If your Lifeline service is turned off or you don't get your free minutes, contact your company to find out why. If you think Lifeline was turned off by mistake, or if you still qualify, contact your company to re-apply for Lifeline.

You can lose your discount for these reasons:

  • You didn’t recertify (renew) Lifeline this year.
    If your company asks you to recertify (renew Lifeline), you must do so within 60 days, or you’ll lose your Lifeline discount (or your service will get turned off). Contact your company for help with recertification.
  • You don’t qualify anymore.
    If your income increases or you leave the assistance program that you signed up with, you’ll lose the Lifeline discount (or your service will be turned off).
  • You didn’t use it for 30 days.
    If you do not use your Lifeline service for 30 days, you’ll lose the Lifeline discount (or your service will be turned off). You will get a 15-day notice from your company before it’s turned off.
  • There’s more than one Lifeline at your address. 
    If your company finds more than one Lifeline discount at your address, follow their instructions to choose who gets to keep it. Usually, you get a letter and have to call a toll-free number within 35 days. If you do not respond in time, one of the Lifeline discounts will be turned off.

Make sure you know the Lifeline Rules to avoid losing your discount.

If you lose your discount, to get it back, you’ll need to re-apply for Lifeline as if you were a new customer.