Applying for Lifeline in Utah

Beginning July 1, 2018, the federal Lifeline program will manage Lifeline eligibility for Utah companies that provide home phone service.

Consumers who want to sign up for cell phone or internet service should contact their local phone or internet company.

To apply:

Complete the application form (en español)*.

Mail your completed application, including copies of documents that show you participate in a qualifying eligibility program to:

Lifeline Program – National Verifier
700 12th St NW, #900
Washington, DC, 20005

Do not send your application to the Kentucky address listed on the form - it will not be processed.

Within two weeks, the Lifeline program will send you notice whether you qualify for Lifeline. If we do not have enough information to qualify you, we may ask for more documents. Please include an email address on your application for faster processing.

Contact a Lifeline home phone company to sign up for Lifeline.


*An email address is not required, but we will be able to contact you more quickly if an email is included.