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Step 6 Invoicing

Updated December 2015

Invoice Check

Applicants have the ability to review their portion of an FCC Form 474, Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form, submitted by a service provider before payments are disbursed to that service provider.

To request an invoice check, applicants should go to Submit a Question and follow these steps:

  • Click the "Continue" button.
  • Under "Topic Inquiries" choose "Invoicing-General Questions" and click "Go."
  • Choose "I have a general question regarding invoicing" and click "Continue."
  • Enter the requested information, choosing "No" under the attachments question and click "Continue."
  • In the text box enter the following;
    • Billed Entity Number (BEN)
    • BEN name
    • Funding year (FY)
    • FCC Form 471 number
    • Funding Request Number(s) (FRN)
    • Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), also known as the service provider's 498 ID

You will receive an automated response with your case number. Save the case number for your records. Your case number will assist you should you have questions.

Each time a SPI form that references an FRN subject to an invoice check is submitted for payment, USAC will ask the service provider to obtain a certification from the applicant that the invoiced services were delivered and installed. Payment will not be processed on an FRN subject to an invoice check until the applicant makes this certification.