Obtain a Filer ID

The FCC's rules require that upon entry or anticipated entry into telecommunications markets, a telecommunications provider must register with the FCC and with USAC. Companies register with USAC by submitting the FCC Form 499-A.

Before You Register with USAC

Each company is required to register with the FCC and have an FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to providing service or registering with USAC. Visit the FCC's CORES database to obtain an FRN, also known as your CORES ID.

You should have the following ready:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Tax ID Number,
  • Contact information for your company and company officers, and
  • Contact information for the person you want to designate as the DC Agent for Service of Process which is required within 30 days of providing service (an obligation under Section 413 of the Communications Act of 1934).

New 499 ID Registration Process

Begin the registration process by Accessing the E-File Login page and select the "New Contributor/Registration In Progress" link at the bottom center of the login page. USAC's online registration system will take you step by step through the entire registration process.

After Registering Your Company with USAC

After registering, USAC will review your information, assign a 499 Filer ID, and create user accounts to access E-File, USAC's online filing system. At this time, filers should begin to review their filing obligations on the What and How to File web page.

After registering with USAC, companies must file the FCC Form 499-A for all prior periods of telecommunications revenue that have not yet been reported.

Participating in the Programs

USAC allocates money from the universal service fund to for the four universal service programs: High Cost, Lifeline, Rural Health Care, and Schools and Libraries. If your company wishes to participate in any of the universal service programs, visit the Service Providers section of the website to learn more about obtaining a 498 ID (formerly known as SPIN).