Your Rights

As a Lifeline customer, you are entitled to:

The minimum service standards

Your company is required to meet these standards on Lifeline-supported services:

Cell phones: Either includes at least 1000 minutes for mobile voice or speed of 3G or better and usage of at least 4.5 GB per month for mobile internet (data plan)

Home internet: Speed of 25/3 Mbps and usage of at least 1280 GB per month

Bundled service offerings: At least one of the services (voice or internet) must meet the minimum service standards to qualify for a Lifeline discount

The choice of a hotspot-enabled device

Your company must have at least one device with hotspot functionality available for data plans.

Choose which service uses Lifeline

If you are buying a bundle, you can choose to apply Lifeline to the voice or the internet service.

Change companies

You can change companies at any time.

Get answers and help

If your company is unresponsive or refuses to help you, contact your state’s public utility regulator, USAC, or the FCC to complain. Learn more about how to get help.