I Need to Recertify/Renew

Each year, companies have to check whether their Lifeline customers still qualify. If you need to recertify (renew), call your company.

Recertify every year

Recertification happens every year (it is one of the Lifeline Rules). Some companies work with your local SNAP, Medicaid, or other government office to do this automatically, but sometimes they may ask you to recertify your Lifeline.

What recertification looks like

If your company needs you to recertify, you will get a written notice separate from your bill that will say:

  • You have to recertify your Lifeline
  • How to recertify
  • You must recertify in 60 days or less

The notice may come from your company, your state government, or the USAC Lifeline Support Center. You may get reminders by mail, text message, or robo-call, too.

If you don’t respond on time

If you don’t respond by the deadline, your Lifeline will get turned off. This means your monthly bill will increase, or your free minutes will stop.

If your service gets turned off but you think you still qualify, call your company and ask to re-apply for Lifeline.