I Need to Recertify/Renew

Each year, we will check to see if you still qualify for the Lifeline benefit.


Each year, Lifeline will conduct a check to ensure you still qualify for the benefit. This is one of the Lifeline Rules.

During our check, we will review databases that can tell us if you participate in a qualifying program.

We will ask you to recertify ONLY if we are unable to confirm you are still eligible.

If Lifeline Support sends you a letter

If you are asked to recertify, you will receive a written notice from us.

The notice will say:

  • You have to recertify
  • You have 60 days to respond

What to do if asked to renew:

  • Call (855) 359-4299 to renew your benefit within minutes
  • Complete the form online
  • Complete the recertification form included in your letter and mail it to the Lifeline Support Center

You may also receive reminders by mail, text message, or automated calls.

If you don’t respond on time

If you don’t respond by the deadline, your Lifeline benefit will stop. This means your monthly bill will increase, or your free minutes will stop. You may have your service turned off.

If you lose your discount (or if your service is turned off) but you think you still qualify, re-apply for lifeline.